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Peter Diem (4 December 1945) is a Dutch painter who was inspired by, among other things, the COBRA Group and achieved fame in America. Diem paints abstract and expressive in various themes. Diem is mostly known for his cows.

Diem, born in December 1945 in Coburg, Germany, from a Dutch father and a German mother comes to Amsterdam at age three. He grows up in the Amsterdam Kinker district. It was a difficult childhood for Diem – the Amsterdam people clearly showed their dislike of Germans this short after the war. His father was a strict Spartan man.

Early on in his youth, Diem discovers his passion for painting. He goes to the Graphic School in Amsterdam and trains himself in graphic work.

Flying Cows
The adventure starts in Peru. Peter Diem hired a native guide to help him in his search for the legendary Flying Cows. They travelled far into the rain forest, where they eventually find a solitary place with a strange stone in the middle: the passageway to a seemingly bottomless shaft that finds his way to the centre of the earth in a spiral. For hours they descend the dark stairs. Their torches are almost extinguished when the tunnel suddenly becomes wider and they soon find themselves in an enormous cave, bathing in ethereal light. On the ground lay a thick carpet of grass and green and the ceiling was covered in a thick fog, which seemed to disappear into an eternal heaven. The mooing of cows echoed in blasts against the walls. When Peter woke up with a start, he nearly jumped out of his hospital bed in Lima, the last image he could remember was the image of stalactite-like shapes that seemed to float in clouds, like the wings of a majestic animal.

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