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Kokeshi Dolls

The small design studio of Becky Kamp is located in South London. From a very young age, Becky has been drawing in her sketchbook every day. As a child from a creative family, Becky knew that designing and creating was her deepest desire. She studied Fine Art Painting and worked full-time as an art teacher before she pursued her dream to become an independent artist. In 2011 came into being and her hand-painted Kokeshis immediately received a lot of attention on social media. Becky has the talent to paint very precise and at the same time have an eye for a humoristic or creative impression. This combination has led to success and many followers.

Kokeshi dolls are traditional Japanese figures, which are characterised by a large head and a simple body. They are meant to be symbols of friendship. Becky has modernised and converted the dolls into small designer objects. Some figures are inspired by important people from the art and design world. Others purely sprang from Becky’s own imagination. Every doll is hand-painted on beech wood, with a lot of attention for originality and precision.

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