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Didi Diaz Art

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Didi Diaz
Coming from a family of artists, art has always been an integral part of who and what I am. Growing up, I have been exposed to my grandfather’s paintings, a National Realist Painter during the 1970’s and have always admired his works. Having the passion for the arts, I took a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design buthave longed for a different style of art, a unique kind of art, to set me apart from other artists and yet combine with what I was exposed to growing up.

However, my passion for the arts only came later as I first wanted to become a pre-school teacher and gained my experience in the United States of America. My love for teaching art to my young students is what prompted me to do these designs. I would draw for them and make it a point to make it as playful and quirky for them to appreciate. It taught me how to look at things differently and to think “out-of-the-box”. I could definitely say that my designs is glimpse of whatfantasy looks like from a perspective of a child.

What made me embrace this art form even more is the feeling of being young as it encompasses the playfulness and humor of children. My art is meant to be appreciated by even the youngest and oldest of generations because my color combinations and my depiction of what things are. These home decors can stand on its own for its uniqueness and the passion behind every single design.

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