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Cowparade Small

The small cows have a size of approximately 7 x 3.5 cm.
The CowParade Trophy measures 23 x 17 x 14 cm.

Small Cowparade: Refined Art in Compact Format

Discover the beauty of Cowparade in an elegant and compact format with our Small Cowparade collection. This category brings the vibrant and colorful world of Cowparade to your home, office or any other space you want to beautify. Be inspired by the unique charm of these refined works of art at Popart Statues.

Crafted with Craftsmanship

Each statue in the Small Cowparade collection is hand-painted and crafted with care. The artists behind these miniatures have worked with precision and craftsmanship to translate the essence of the original Cowparade images into a smaller format. Every detail is brought to life with attention and love, making these small works of art true showpieces.

A Touch of Creativity

Whether you are a collector of Cowparade works of art or are looking for a unique accent for your interior, the Small Cowparade collection offers a diversity of possibilities. From stylish patterns to inspired themes, from subtle to bold, there is something for everyone. These small works of art add a touch of creativity to any room and serve as a sophisticated eye-catcher.

Enrich your space with the timeless beauty of the Small Cowparade collection from Popart Statues. Start discovering the sublime world of Cowparade today in a compact and elegant format. We also offer these images in medium and large formats.

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