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Keychains and Magnets

With the Elephant Parade keychains and magnets you have the power to put a smile on the face of a loved one with a small, handy piece of art. And we are not talking about just any work of art, but a special work of art that serves a greater purpose. At Popart Statues we have exactly what you are looking for. The Elephant Parade figurines from the collection of 5cm elephants and keychains, hand-painted and completely unique, symbolize the beauty of these majestic animals and serve as a constant reminder of the need to protect their habitats and their kind worldwide.

Wide collection of 5cm elephants from the Elephant Parade

If you are looking for a meaningful gift or a unique collectible, the 5cm elephants from the Elephant Parade collection are just what you need. Each copy is a beautiful hand-painted miniature, created by different artists from all over the world. Each of them brings their unique style and inspiration to these miniature masterpieces, ensuring no two elephants are ever the same.

But these elephants are more than just works of art. They are also symbols of elephant awareness and conservation. Every purchase contributes to improving the lives of Asian elephants who are threatened with extinction. So while you enjoy your little work of art, you also know that you are making an important contribution to a greater cause.

Add some charm with Elephant Parade keyrings

You have now discovered the unique 5cm elephants from the Elephant Parade collection, but what if you want to take this beauty with you everywhere? That’s exactly where the Elephant Parade keychains come into the picture. Just like the 5cm elephants, the key rings are hand-painted, each key ring tells its own story.

With these keyrings you will not only add a touch of charm to your key ring or handbag, but also show your dedication to elephant conservation. They provide a talking point, giving you the opportunity to share the importance of elephant conservation with others.

Why choose the Elephant Parade collection at Kunst en Kadootjes

At Popart Statues we select our products with great care and attention. Our Elephant Parade collection is no exception. We choose each piece with the intention of not only bringing you beautiful, unique items, but also giving you the opportunity to make a difference.

When you buy a 5cm elephant or a key ring from the Elephant Parade collection at Popart Statues, you not only support the artistic talent of the makers, but you also contribute to the well-being of the elephants. And that’s something you won’t find anywhere else.

Our range is also rich in Elephant Parade figurines in sizes 10 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm and 30 cm. You can also get multipacks and art boxes from us!

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