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Jacky Zegers

Artist Jacky Zegers

Before Jacky Zegers started working with images, she started painting in 1999 as a hobby in addition to her work as a mathematics teacher. Her passion for art soon grew and in 2006 she decided to work as a full-time artist. From the moment she created her first painting, she knew her art had to be colorful and cheerful. She tried different techniques, but soon developed her own recognizable style.


Besides painting, she is also active in other art forms. At the moment she mainly focuses on paintings and sculptures. She mainly uses synthetic resin for her sculptures, which are then painted in the same style as her paintings: colorful and cheerful. Jacky Zegers’ art radiates her love for animals and bright colors. She gets my inspiration from various sources, but mainly from nature. The paintings and statues are not realistic; both the image and the use of color are extreme. Although her imagination is used, she can never surpass nature, and that’s a good thing, because where would she get her inspiration from?

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