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Elephant Parade
Elephant Parade was founded by Marc and Mike Spits. While Marc was on holiday in Chiang Mai, Thailand, he talked to the Thai owner of the guesthouse where he was staying. This man told him that Chiang Mai used to be the epicentre of elephants in Thailand, but that elephants are now almost extinct. This man also told Marc about the first elephant-hospital in the world, founded by Soraida Salwala. Marc travelled to Lampang, about 70 km outside of Chiang Mai, where the elephant hospital is located. Marc: ‘Soraida told me about her initiative and how hard it is to keep the hospital running. She didn’t receive any financial aid from the government and the hospital needed to be expanded. But where can you find the resources?’ Soraida took Marc to see Mosha, a badly injured baby elephant who had lost her lower leg after stepping on a landmine. ‘That was the moment when I thought: I want to help Soraida and her elephants. Not just by writing a cheque, but by doing something more structural so we can give the Asian elephant a future.’

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