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Balloon Dogs

Meet the iconic Balloon Dogs artworks inspired by Jeff Koons, available at Popart Statues! These dog statues are not only a great addition to your collection, but also a tribute to the imagination and creativity of Jeff Koons.

What’s the story behind Balloon Dogs?

Balloon Dogs is a series of five works of art by the American artist Jeff Koons. These sculptures are inspired by dogs, but with an unexpected twist. They are made of shiny, colored steel that resembles an inflated balloon. The result is a work of art that immediately attracts attention. The 2008 exhibition of the yellow Balloon Dog in New York and the purple Balloon Dog on display at the Palace of Versailles made news worldwide.

Other artists are now also making Balloon Dogs

Nowadays, miniatures of the dog statues are also made by a wide number of artists such as Tisha Marie and Niloc Pagen who took their inspiration from the works of Jeff Koons. Each artist has given a unique twist to the Balloon Dog concept, making the collection very diverse in colors and designs.

A Balloon Dog work of art is therefore a perfect gift for lovers of modern art. Not only is it a real work of art with a story behind it, but it also looks super fun, modern and colorful!

Order your Balloon Dog today at Popart Statues

Popart Statues offers you the opportunity to add a Balloon Dog, inspired by the works of Jeff Koons, to your art collection. Our pop art collection includes a wide range of colors and sizes, so you can choose the perfect work of art that suits your personal taste and interior. We guarantee the authenticity and quality of every dog ​​statue we offer. All orders placed before 12:00 noon will be shipped the same day!

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