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Herman Brood

Herman Brood
A beautiful series of 3D statues made in co-operation with Xandra Brood, based on the paintings of Herman Brood. There are
10 statues in 2 sizes in a limited edition of 100 pieces. They come with a certificate of authenticity and are signed by Xandra Brood.

Herman Brood (1946-2001) was a man who wasn’t easy to categorise. He worked with whatever material was available. Cartoon-like figures with a lot of lines, quick sketches. Herman Brood painted his designs like an epigrammatist. He asked people to give him a word so he could create a response to it. His canvasses sometimes contain actual texts or a poem. It seems as if the paintings of Herman Brood come flying of the easel at the peak of his inspiration.

As a graffiti painter he often made scratches on his work after using the brush and a sprayer first.
The themes are filled with action and movement, not seldom without tragicomic or comic effects.

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