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Jacky Zegers

I started painting in 1999. In the beginning it was just a hobby in addition to my job as a mathematics teacher, but I started working as a full-time artist in 2006. When I painted my first painting, I immediately knew that it had to be colourful and cheerful. In the beginning I tried various techniques, but pretty soon I found my own style. I engage in multiple art forms and at this moment I mostly do paintings and statues. I mainly use synthetic resin for the statues. Afterwards I paint them in the same style as my paintings: colourful and cheerful. My art clearly shows my love for animals and bright colours. I find my inspiration everywhere, but mostly in nature. My paintings and statues aren’t realistic, both the portrayal and the use of colours is extreme. However, when I look around in nature, I often see things much more extreme. Flowers or certain animals, such as fishes, sometimes have such a unique shape or colour, I could never come up with that. No matter how much I use my imagination, I will never be able to trump nature. And that’s a good thing, because where would I find new inspiration then?

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